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About us


FORLIFE, a lifestyle company was established in 1994 in Los Angeles with the concept of “adding colors to your life”. Our brand is well known for an assortment of vibrant colors, simple design and functionality. We believe that products must have good meaning and complement your everyday life. This is precisely where our name FORLIFE comes from: For your Life.

Our design can be characterized as minimal and modern and is infused with the belief of “simple and standing the test of time.” Materials used for products include ceramic, glass, stainless steel, silicone, etc. The core of our company concept is creating casual product designs while pursuing greater functionality and safety.

Designer Masa Fujii

Masa Fujii was introduced to ceramics at the age of 21, after his apprenticeship in pottery in Nara, Japan. He has been dedicating himself to ceramic design and in 1994 established FORLIFE in Los Angeles. He continues to create products based on his own design philosophy.

Casual, comfortable everyday tea & coffee wares

We believe that tea should be enjoyed in a relaxing atmosphere, not bounded by rigid tradition.

FORLIFE products are suitable for everyday use, providing a sense of comfort.

Original design philosophy
behind simple product design

Teapot is a major category of FORLIFE products.
All of our teapots, including the well-known Stump Teapot, share the following traits:

① Drip-less spout
② Secure lid
③ Design to brew various types of teas

The smallest detail of our products reflects the design philosophy of FORLIFE by balancing aesthetic and performance.

Simple and timeless shape, craft design that feels comfortable in your hand, vibrant colors in ceramic wares, the transparent glass that showcase the color of tea…. These commitment to detail heightens your tea drinking experience.

Vibrant colors and pure transparency
Sensible choice of materials and skills of masters

FORLIFE products are completed by the skills of the designer and masters. Functionality and safety are valued greatly as our products are designed to be used every day. All of our products go through stringent quality control.

Characteristic of ceramic ware - wide assortment of colors to suit your preference

Like selecting your favorite color from a palette, the color variation of high-fired ceramic ware series was developed to match the colors suited to your lifestyle.

Characteristic of glassware - pure transparency to accentuate the color of tea

Transparent glass wares accentuate the color of tea beautifully. We strive to introduce tea wares that emphasize the clarity of glass as much as possible. Seasoned glass artisans known as masters, hand blow FORLIFE glass wares one by one to perfection. All glass wares are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

Stringent quality control during manufacturing process

FORLIFE ceramic wares are manufactured the following way:

Molding – Completion – Quality control – Drying – Bisque firing – Quality control – Glazing – Glaze firing – Quality control – Packing – Shipment